Fact of the matter is, I really like trying to make you laugh, and when I see more anger than lolz in the comments, I feel bad about it. So I updated today’s comic because — at the heart of it — it’s just going to cause more bad feelings than good ones, and I just don’t have the stomach for that.

Here’s the original strip. My thought was that Sarah Palin had become somewhat of a self-caricature. Truth to tell, I think people on the right side of the political spectrum have some very good thinkers, but I wouldn’t, personally, put her among them. Some of my readers disagreed.

Evil Inc by Brad Guigar 20140505




My original reaction was to make a version that could be offensive from either side. Who’s the prime female target on the left? That’s a no-brainer. Hillary. So my solution was to do a “choose your own punchline” comic.





But, honestly, that solution left me cold.

I could have added five or six more names, but… geez… the more I did that, the less funny the joke became.

So I moved the second-panel joke up to the main position, and got rid of the political gag all together.

And when I did that, it just felt more like an Evil Inc strip. So that’s the one I’m posting.