June is shaping up to be super hot for my Patreon backers. I’ve got two rotating Evil Inc After Dark storylines alternating. In one, we’ve just been introduced to the sultry superheroine soaring above. And in the other, we get a look at what happened when Iron Dragon’s subliminal love message went out to a bunch of random villains. Plus, I’ve been delivering a steady stream of Courting Disaster comics (like the one cruelly cropped below)…

…as well as some fabulously fuego NSFW commissions…

PLUS — today, Patreon backers will get a new Cape Carnival bonus comic!

What they’re saying

Here’s what my patrons are saying about their exclusive content…

“Definite kudos to Alex on the coloring. That dazzle panel is fantastic! ”

— K.Q.

“I agree; I love Fireworx design and her costume is amazeballs.”

— M.O.

“The Evil Inc. universe finally gets the hot redhead super I’ve been hoping for, and here I am in awe of… the costume. Go figure.”

— J.

“I’d question how that outfit is staying on so well, but since this is After Dark I think the focus will be on how well it comes off”

— B.D.


Evil Inc After Dark — preorders are open!

Did you find out about the Kickstarter for the new Evil Inc After Dark book too late? Or maybe you wanted to participate, but it just wasn’t in the budget that month? Good news! The pre-order store is now open, and you can pick up that book, along with Courting Disaster Uncensored, the NSFW Commissions comic book, and any of the previous Evil Inc graphic novels and the Courting Disaster collections!
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Webcomics Confidential

In the latest episode of Webcomics Confidential — available exclusively on — I discuss how vastly the Web has changed since webcomics began — and what that means to cartoonists today. Not the least of which, I explain below. Whereas creators of longform comics traditionally complained that it was extra-difficult for them to succeed, today’s Internet is especially primed for those kinds of comics.