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Webcomics Confidential

In the latest Webcomics Confidential — a webcast exclusively for members of — I talk about some common promotion failures that webcartoonists practice every day. More importantly, I offer some solid advice on doing self-promotion that works.

Comic Book Pitt

Thank you to Comic Book Pitt for interviewing me for their site. They asked me about the past, present and future of comics. From the interview:

What got you into comics?

“My newspaper comics section. When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the ability to create a funny story in three or four panels. I remember pouring over strips like Beetle Bailey, Broom Hilda, Animal Crackers and Drabble. When I got a little older, Berke Breathed’s Bloom County bowled me over. In college, I had a subscription to the Detroit Free Press solely for the purpose of reading that strip.

My first comic strip, Greystone Inn, was heavily influenced by Breathed’s work — and I think it shows. I wanted so badly to capture that spirit.”

To read the entire interview, click here.

Kleefield on Comics

Speaking of very kind words, Sean Kleefeld had this to say over on FreakSugar:

Brad Guigar debuted his first webcomic, Greystone Inn, back in 2000. Like many webcomikers just starting out, he maintained a full-time job while working on the strip. Even when he ended Greystone Inn and began Evil, Inc. in 2005, he kept working at The Philadelphia Daily News until 2012, when he finally left the paper and became a full-time webcomiker. So while he wasn’t doing webcomics in the earliest days of the medium, he’s been around long enough to know a thing or two.

And fortunately for many people, he has been very generous with what he’s learned over the years. Not only has he written more books on webcomics than anyone else (one full solo book, and one he contributed heavily to—which doesn’t sound like much, but considering only five webcomics books have been written, he makes up for a good percentage!) but he provides an ongoing stream of advice on as well as in any number of interviews, convention panels, and the like.

I mention all this because, while I sit here and write from a somewhat removed perspective, Guigar is in the trenches figuring all of this out for himself. He’s focusing on what works for him, of course, and his bias naturally skews towards that, but he’s very upfront about how what works for him may or may not work for anyone else.

Read the entire piece on FreakSugar.

Get a Move On!

Evil Inc colorist Alex Heberling is taking a break from moving readers with her outstanding work, and she’s taking a little time to move herself. As you probably know, packing up and moving is a tremendous pain in the keister. You can help take the sting out — and help yourself to some great stuff — by hitting her online store. She’s got a fantastic sale going on right now, so it’s a win-win!