“What happened to the multiverse?”

So, we’re about four pages into the Patreon-exclusive NSFW storyline that started here…

In that story, Lightning Lady’s alternate-universe double shows up. Remember her?

Well, she shows up to — er — complicate the logistics of the romantic coupling…

OK… so she’s changed a little.

ANYWAY… Amid this raunchy romp rises a curious query from a lurid lackey:

“Not to inject an actual story into the sex,

but didn’t all the alternate universes

get collapsed??”

*Deep breath*

Buckle up, we’re in for a bumpy ride…

That’s a great question — and a sign that I dropped the ball in terms of the storytelling — when I made the transition from the “old” Evil Inc to the reboot. In short, the multiverse was on the verge of collapse

When Miss Match realized that the only hope was her alt-u son, Oliver. He held a tremendous amount of power…

…and that he, paired with the power-relic (the one that gave both Commander Heroic and Ms Amazing their powers) would have even godlike powers…

…which it did.

And HERE’S the part where I dropped the ball. Although I may have mentioned it in a blog post, this never appeared in comic form…

Here’s what happened to the multiverse…

Oliver successfully halted the collapse of the multiverse. In my head, it worked like this. Due to the overlapping dimensions, when Oliver separated the universes, some characters got stranded in alternate universes. Most of them remained in their “home” dimension. (Besides his apparent demise in the canon storyline, this is why Evil Atom hasn’t made an appearance in this world yet.)

THEREFORE… the Evil Inc that existed in comic-strip format between 2005 and 2015 still exists. However, it is no longer the “anchor” dimension in the multiverse. It is now an alternate reality to the new anchor dimension — which is the one that you’ve been reading since Jan. 2016.

For the record, Arch Bros stands in its own, standalone alternate reality. And, for that matter, so does Greystone Inn.

Is Mac an alt-u Captain Heroic?


By the way, if you missed the first appearance of the alternate universe, you can easily catch up in the seventh Evil Inc graphic novel, “When Worlds Collide.” It’s available in print and in tablet-ready digital format. Heck, you can even snag it on Amazon.

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What they’re saying

Here’s a few remarks from the Patreon comments section…

“Nice! I love this page :)”

— R.G.

“Your Alternate LL Sketch is giving me quite

the quandary. Now I want to be a Henchman

instead of an Arch-Villain; yet doing so

would be counter-productive to viewing

the rest of the storyline!”

— L.N., commenting on a tryst between the new henchman, Marquis, and Lightning Lady’s alternate-reality twin. “Arch Villain” is the nickname for the $10 patreon level that enables backers to see the NSFW content.

“I just realised that you’re pencilling

each figure in a different colour,

that’s super clever and I am

totally stealing that trick!”

— C.D., proving that the NSFW level is educational in more ways than one…

Bonus cartoon

This is one of the bonus cartoons that I originally shared with my Patreon backers. It got such a good reception, I decided to offer it as a T-shirt. Enjoy!