As I enjoy some summertime fun with my family, here’s a classic Phables comic you may have missed. This one is the Philly Driving BINGO game. Next time you’re stuck on the Schuylkill, whip this out and see if you can win at something.

Phables_cover_200Phables was a series of full-page comics that I created for the Philadelphia Daily News. It was nominated for an Eisner award in 2007 for Best Online Comic. And it was named the Best Newspaper Column in Philly by the Philadelphia chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. I’m told there were several traditional newspaper columnists who were plenty pissed off about that one.

Try getting beat by a video-game ad.

The Phables book (also available on Amazon) collects the entire series.

Patreon update


As the last of the July payments are transacted, I will be sending out links to my backers of all of the NSFW content so they can view it outside of Patreon’s somewhat-clunky user experience. I’ve got some great stuff planned for August — including more Evil Inc After Dark pages, Uncensored Courting Disaster, sketches, commissions and more. If you’re thinking about joining, it’s a great month to hop aboard!