Fan art!

Check out this gorgeous fan art that Chad Townsend sent me! Chad is a prop and character designer for TV animation. He’s worked on a few of my favorites like DC Superhero Girls, Wabbit, Mike Tyson’s Mysteries Seas 2, Epic Mickey 2, The Invincible Iron Man, The Legion of Superheroes, Wolverine and the X-Men and a couple dozen video-game titles. You can hear him discuss his craft in this episode of The Animation Network podcast.

But, for me, Chad’s truly stand-out work is in his creator-owned comic series, Kid Squid. I mean, just look at this guy’s chops…


If you’re considering whether you’d like to join us on Patreon, you’re in for a great month! I’ve just started two new storylines in Evil Inc After Dark. One features a new superhero, Fireworx (above), and the other brings fan-fave Phenomenal Lass (right) to center stage.

There’s also tons of new NSFW comics coming up — including new Courting Disaster cartoons,  commissions, and Artist Edition illustrations. The moment you sign up, you’ll get instantaneous access to an archive of about 800 exclusive posts — nearly half of which are NSFW.

The Evil Inc After Dark book

Speaking of Artist Editions, the three books Kickstarted earlier this year have arrived from the printer, and they’re safely ensconced in my storage area, ready for shipping. If you’d like to see some of the salacious and scintillating sequentials, here’s your chance. You can still jump in on the pre-order (and even pick up some of the earlier PG-13 graphic novels, too).