What they’re saying

I like to share some of the positive messages I get from my Patreon backers. But here’s one that wasn’t so positive — and it brings up a really good point.

“Sorry man, I still love the comic
but even the public site is just covered
with NSFW content now.
Sure the stuff is cropped or whatever
but I can’t have my kids looking
over my shoulder at this stuff..”

— R.R., who left feedback upon canceling their $5/month pledge.

Dude. I get it. I have kids, too.

But… you kinda shot yourself in the foot.

Let’s say it’s true that you really do love the Evil Inc comic and want to continue following it. (Thank you for that, by the way.) As a Patreon backer at the $1 or $5 level, you get each Evil Inc comic that I post on the public site, and you don’t need to go to the website to view it. You can view it through the Patreon site (or the app). In fact, the reading experience is surprisingly good on the Patreon app. You get it before anyone sees it go live on the site, and you never get exposed to any NSFW content at those levels. Plus, you get all sorts of extras and bonuses.

It’s literally the best solution to the situation you’re describing.

And at $1 a month, it’s downright painless.

I know some of you don’t like the NSFW promos on the site. I get that. I respect that. But the solution is simple and cheap. Become a $1/month Patreon backer!  Problem solved.