For the lusty lackeys and hot-and-heavy henches…

My Patreon backers have been privy to a super spicy spectacle of exclusives — from Evil Inc After Dark to some caliente commissions (the scene cruelly cropped above will be uploaded soon).

This week, we return to the libidinous crew of Captain Scarr’s starship. It seems a steamy tryst with a multi-tentacled alien has left our favorite cleaning wench in a bit of a bind.

The monthly link packages have gone out to my backers — making it easier than ever to read all of the archived comics! That’s over 260 NSFW comics and illustrations! And using Patreon’s new tagging feature, it’s super convenient to filter all of that content down to just the stuff you want to see right now. Bottom line: My Patreon supporters have more ways than ever to enjoy all of the great NSFW comics I’m uploading.

Patrons at the $10 level (and higher) will be able to access the NSFW comics I’ve been creating exclusively for Patreon. This includes:

  • Evil Inc After Dark — full-length comics  featuring some of your favorite characters
  • Uncensored Courting Distaster: All of the fun of Courting Disaster with none of the restrictions!
  • NSFW commissions: Patrons get special pricing on commissions. You describe the scene, and I draw it.
  • Sketches, pin-ups, and much, much more!

Emerald City Comicon

I’m super-excited to announce that I’ll be returning to Emerald City Comicon in 2017! It’s always been one of my favorite conventions, and now that I’ve cut back on my convention schedule, it may be the last time I make it out to the west coast for a looong time. Other than Wizard World Philadelphia (June 1-4), I have zero plans to travel for conventions next year. So, if you’re in the Pacific Northwest and want to talk comics, by all means make plans to head out in March!

Amazon Author Page

As always, if your grandma gave you a little money for the holidays and it’s burning a hole in your pocket, feel free to check out my Amazon author page. You’ll get great prices on all of my books — from the Evil Inc collections to comics how-to books like The Webcomics Handbook and The Everything Cartooning Book.