With an entire week left before the end of the campaign, we reached the $20k Stretch Goal that ensures that everyone who orders a print edition of Evil Inc After Dark or Courting Disaster Uncensored (or both) will get a copy of the 56-page comic-book collection of NSFW commissioned illustrations!

Ask any of my Patreon backers. These illos are hot. I think you’re gonna love ’em.

So… now, it’s on to $25k…

New Stretch Goal — HARDCOVERS

It was the first question many of you asked me when I launched the Kickstarter — and I heard it from several people when I was discussing the book at Emerald City Comicon…

“Is it a hardcover?”

Here’s our chance. At $25k,  everyone who orders a print edition of Evil Inc After Dark will be automatically upgraded to a hardcover copy of that book!

This campaign has averaged more than $800 a day. And we have seven days to reach the new Stretch Goal. This is very much within reach.

If you’re getting only EiAD or CDu, consider upping your pledge to include the other book. Since we’ve passed the $20k, mark, you’re going to end up with three books by the time the dust settles! And one of those could be a handsome hardcover!

There’s also print add-ons and digital add-ons. If you do consider an add-on, be sure you don’t change your reward! I have step-by-step instructions, in case you need ’em.

And, as always, every Like, Share, Comment, Retweet and Favorite helps me to spread the message even further. You guys have been amazing at that — and this Kickstarter’s success shows it!


And speaking of commissions, there are only three rewards featuring commissions left:

$200 — commissioned illustration / digital (you also get all three books and PDFs)

$300 — commissioned illustration / inked (you also get all three books and PDFs)

$500 — You write a 4-page Evil Inc After Dark story and I draw it (you also get all three books and PDFs)


Aaaaaaand March is shaping up to be a great month on Patreon. We had a lull — I lost a few days to Emerald City Comicon and both Alex and I launched Kickstarters this month — but we’re catching up quick! Tuesday saw an all-new Evil Inc After Dark, yesterday was a NSFW Courting Disaster, and today… BONUS REWARD. I can’t tell you much, but I can tell you it’s very NSFW and it involves a collaboration between me and Cecilia Tan of Circlet Press.

Yeah. It’s that good.

And tomorrow… another NSFW full-page Evil Inc After Dark!

What They’re Sayin’

“One of your sexiest pages yet (although as a LL fan I’m slightly biased)…”

— R.R.

“At the very least someone’s going to have a little Irish in them!”

— M.O.

“Kirby Science Equipment for the WIN for … SCIENCE!”

— J.