That’s are chugging right along over at my Patreon page.  Cruelly cropped above is the most recent Courting Disaster, and today, my $10+ backers will get a special bonus reward package from fellow NSFW cartoonist Javis Ray! Javis’ Legacy Control is a brilliant webcomic that, like mine, shares its NSFW side with Patreon backers.

What makes the Legacy Control NSFW comics extra special is that Javis writes a lot of material based on his relationship with his real-life wife. That alone would give these smutty stories an edge. But, I think you’ll agree, these comics come off as genuine, relatable… and downright endearing. It’s definitely unlike anything you’ve seen before.

PLUS — today, Patreon backers already got a new Cape Carnival bonus comic! For those of you scoring at home, that’s 20 exclusive Patreon posts in 18 days this month.*

*And if you are scoring at home, what the hell are you doing reading this?!

What they’re saying

Here’s what my patrons are saying about their exclusive content…

“It’s possible she may take Giant Tess’s place as my favorite. ”

— M.H.

“I agree with everyone who praised the dual panels 🙂 love it :)”

— R.G.

“I love the detail you have put into this – especially the photos on The desk!”

— K.

“Crocodiles are never good guys. We need a croco-themed hero.”

— R.R.

R.R. … your wish is my command…

How’s THAT for a topper?

Meanwhile, in the ultra-NSFW comic series, Evil Inc After Dark, we’re alternating between looking in on Iron Dragon’s predicament with Dr. Muskiday’s malfunctioning Dreamcaster and a brand new storyline that starts in a superhero bar…

Evil Inc After Dark — preorders are open!

Did you find out about the Kickstarter for the new Evil Inc After Dark book too late? Or maybe you wanted to participate, but it just wasn’t in the budget that month? Good news! The pre-order store is now open, and you can pick up that book, along with Courting Disaster Uncensored, the NSFW Commissions comic book, and any of the previous Evil Inc graphic novels and the Courting Disaster collections!
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Webcomics Confidential

In the latest episode of Webcomics Confidential — available exclusively on — I discuss how vastly the Web has changed since webcomics began — and what that means to cartoonists today. Not the least of which, I explain below. Whereas creators of longform comics traditionally complained that it was extra-difficult for them to succeed, today’s Internet is especially primed for those kinds of comics.