There’s a lot going on over at the ol‘ Patreon page this month. If you remember, when Lightning Lady and Marquis the henchman went on a date, their got heated very quick and the Evil Inc storyline jumped over to Evil Inc After Dark for its continuation.

That storyline just wrapped up last week, and so did a major storyline from Captain Scarr and concupiscent celestial corsairs.

And that means a new storyline kicks off this week — one that I think you’re going to love.

And look for another Evil Inc storyline to jump over to After Dark very soon.

Maybe even more than once.

Bonuses — NSFW and SFW!

Plus, I’m very proud to bring my patrons some surprise bonuses! For my NSFW backers, it’s a delightfully decadent drama that delves into an after-death dalliance with … Amelia Earhart?? It appears courtesy of K.B.Spangler, who you probably already know as the creator of the popular webcomic A Girl and Her Fed.

K.B. has been creating comics for well over 10 years — and has been a favorite of mine since the very beginning. Spangler’s art and writing are top-notch — and we share a perverse predilection for the underestimated brilliance of puns. Spangler’s Patreon page offers a wide range of tremendous rewards. Not only do Spangler’s $5+ Patreon backers get a daily dose of pun-ishment, but $10+ supporters have access to some truly inventive NSFW content (as my backers will will shortly find out).

And for my SFW Stalwarts…

…there’s another Cape Carnival comic carving up the comic-book cape-and-cowl clique. If you were a fan of Tales from The Con — which I wrote for Emerald City Comicon — you’ll love this weekly comic.

This is just part of the rewards you get for a measly buck a month.

Not over yet

Oh… and we’re not even through with the April bonuses yet. Nope.

Webcomics Confidential

In the sixth episode of Webcomics Confidential, I tackle a couple questions from viewers. First up: After I devoted 30 minutes to explaining why I’ve come to the decision that comic conventions are a net loss for the typical webcartoonist, one viewer asks if small cons are better for indie creators. It’s a little like that joke where the kid asks, “Can I do it til I need glasses?” Next, we talk about Patreon backers who don’t stay past their first pledge. Guess what? It’s OK. Nobody should be asking for long-term commitments on Patreon. On the other hand, your content should be so good they don’t even consider leaving. Go to for the full video. [subscription required]