What they’re saying

Here’s a few remarks from the Patreon comments section…

My screen has scorch marks. ;

— P.B.

Pardon me while I pick my jaw up off the floor!

— J.A.

Site note

The Evil Inc site will run special holiday comics next week so both Alex Heberling and I can spend the holidays with our respective families. We’ll be back with the continuation of the Evil Inc storyline in the first week of January. Patreon posts will continue as planned.

Looking ahead to next year

Thank you for your support of Evil Inc this year! We started the year with a pretty significant re-boot — not only did we retcon the Evil Inc storyline, we also re-envisioned the Evil Inc comic strip as a graphic novel published on the Web in partial-page updates! And I think the change has been a big success — and, from what I hear from you folks, you agree! Publishing in larger chunks has brought about an improvement in my presentation — and in my writing. Now, instead of trying to reach the Funny in four panels, I can write passages that take a little more time to develop and mature. I can do call-backs and running gags — which as difficult to do in a four-panel strip. And, since I’m writing complete storylines, I think the quality of the overall stories has improved. I’m very happy with the results.


Once this current storyline resolves (late January / early February), I’ll package the first two “new” Evil Inc storylines into a graphic novel and launch a Kickstarter. When you see the difference in the visual presentation alone, I think you’re going to agree that the switch was worth it.


That’s going to leave a pretty significant amount of Evil Inc strips that didn’t make it into a print collection. I asked for your thoughts on this situation back in June. The consensus was that you’d like a book — Vol. 10 of the Annual Report series — that would simply present the strips themselves instead of the strips-reformatted-into-a-graphic-novel presentation that books 1-9 featured. I’ll launch a Kickstarter for that one a little later in 2017. If you’re up for it, we’ll publish it. If not, it will remain in the archive.


But before I do either of those books, I’m going to kick off the year with a print collection of Evil Inc After Dark. As I mentioned yesterday, I had more than one Patreon-exclusive post for every day of the year — and much of that work was NSFW. That means I have a lot of stuff to fill a print collection with! watch this space early in the year for an announcement. I’ve got something pretty exciting planned for this.

Stay ‘tooned.

Coming soon

Lightning Lady met a very special henchman in this story arc on Evil Inc. It was continued on Patreon, and the next installment updates there on Friday.