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fringe benefits

It’s the launch of a new EiAD story! It’s a raucous send-up of movies like “Porky’s” and “American Pie” — but with sidekicks. It also introduces a new sexy supervillain, the willowy Wild Weed. I’ve also posted the fourth chapter in my new “Minotaur” story. Each chapter will post with a new illustration. The Chapter 4 illo appears (conveniently cropped) below.

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fringe benefits

Speaking of fringe benefits…

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Don Martin, MAD’s Maddest artist

I was so proud of myself for using the “POIT” sound effect in today’s comic. Not only because it got people to stop asking me how to pronounce “mlem,” but because it turned out that today is the birthday of the guy I blatantly stole lovingly copied that sound effect from — Don Martin.

Don Martin fringe benefits

Martin passed away in January 2000, but recently, his widow, Norma Haimes Martin, approached a comics website called 13th Dimension requesting an opportunity to write a remembrance. According to the site: “Norma wanted not just to pay tribute to Don’s legacy. She also wanted to clarify his feelings about his art, the ownership of it and his relationship with the controversial, late Mad publisher Bill Gaines. So she went through hundreds of pages of his own memoirs and documents and compiled the column you’ll read below.” And it’s kind of a bittersweet punch (spa-WAP) right in the gut. From the piece:

There were two times during the years I was married to Don Martin that he cried. The first time was when Bill Gaines called to tell him that the Mad artwork was soon to be sold through an auction. Don told me he refused the offer of a percentage of the money that would be made by the sales. Instead, he asked Bill to return his artwork to him. This request Gaines denied. Don wept over the loss of his work.

The second time was when Don’s oncologist said to him, “Yes, you are going to die.” 

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

For my phellow Philadelphians, you’ll be proud to know that Don studied art at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, right there on South Broad.