The Ul’Thax emissary and Miss Match are having a dinner meeting.

Ul’Thax emissary: “This is a great proposal… VERY strong. All it needs is ONE key point, and it’s a cinch for approval.”

(Slides hotel key across the table)… “Get the point?”

Evil Atom’s disembodied head appears floating over her shoulder: “If we don’t land this contract, I’ll have to start laying off workers… their jobs are on your shoulders…”

The scene pulls back to show Evil Atom at another table in the restaurant. He’s in the foreground, talking into a computer bracelet similar to the one that the Ul’Thax emissary uses to project a solid hologram disguise around himself.

Miss Match: “I really wish you hadn’t given him one of those hologram wristbands…”

Evil Atom’s disembodied head, still floating over Miss Match’s table: “…YOU got BREADSTICKS!?”