Fun fact: If I stopped posting content to Patreon right now (I won’t), I will have posted more than one exclusive post for every day of the year. As of now, the count stands at 378. I’m not even counting a the public posts… which bring the total much closer to 400! And that number will continue to grow until the end of the year.

And then we’ll start on meeting-and-beating that mark for 2017.

Much of that content has been NSFW comics — like the Uncensored Courting Disaster cruelly cropped to the right. Plus weekly full-page Evil Inc After Dark comics, NSFW commissions, sketches and more.

See what you’re missing.

What they’re saying

Don’t take it from me. Here’s what my Patreonieurs and Pateronnelles are saying…

“Patreon is new to me and, honestly, I only joined the Guigar Crusade in anticipation of receiving a cheesecake-ish Evil, Inc. original at the end of my three-month commitment. I hadn’t realized how often you interacted with your patrons. I very much enjoy your frequent emails and posts, all of the preliminary sketches and finished work, and I find myself looking forward to every bradguigar notification that appears in my inbox. Your artwork is outstanding, but I already knew that. It’s the ups and extras that you provide that are really making this a stellar experience. I don’t know what the other Patreon artists/writers/composers, etc. do, but you’ve got this down. It’s been a pleasure. Thanks.”

— Hal, talking about his $20 pledge

Happy holidays!

All this week, I’ll be sharing Christmas-themed comics on my Twitter feed and on the Evil Inc Henchpersons Facebook Page. Follow, like, retweet, share, and enjoy! All week you’ll be seeing stuff like this.

How to Not Miss a Thing

Speaking of which, do you know you can make sure Facebook shows you the stuff you want to see? Just go to the Evil Inc Henchpersons Facebook Page and hover your mouse over Following” Checkmark SEE FIRST under IN YOUR NEWS FEED to ensure you never miss an update. Checkmark ON under NOTIFICATIONS to make sure the updates appear on your Facebook feed! If you get tired of hearing from me, it’s super simple to go back and change your preferences.

New Year’s Partycon


Once again, I’ll be appearing at New Year’s Partycon in Allentown, Pennsylvania — December 30-January 1. I’ll have copies of all of the Evil Inc books on hand, and I’ll be doing sketches throughout the weekend. Come out and ring in the new year with all your geeky friends!

PartyCon is half convention, half social meetup, and 100% rockin’ New Years celebration! In addition to the New Years party essentials like live music, tasty food, drinks, and dancing, we’ve added tabletop gaming, video game tournaments, anime screenings, and of course, lots of cosplay. You’ll also be able to meet comic artists, sci-fi authors, and buy awesome merchandise from dozens of vendors.

More than most geek gatherings, PartyCon emphasizes the social aspect of fandom. Maybe there’s a new board game you’re interested in, but you don’t have anyone to play it with. Play a demo match in our game room! Maybe your RPG group has broken up and moved away. Make some new friends and plot a new campaign as the balloons drop! Maybe you’re new to the area or it’s been tough to find that special someone that gets you. Kindle a new romance at one of our speed dating sessions and dance the night away!

And PartyCon is family friendly, too. Mom and dad can’t find a babysitter for the holiday? Bring the kids along and let their imaginations run wild! Whether it’s our Lego Building Contest or our Giant Nerf Battle, there will be plenty for them to do!

Tickets are going quick, so get yours now.