I started posting exclusive posts for my Patreon backers way back in March 2014, adding NSFW comics a little more than a year later in April 2015. As the number of my Patreon backers grew, it became clear to me that I needed to reward that support as strongly as possible. Last year, I posted nearly one exclusive post for every day of the year. And I’m well on track to surpass that in 2017 — with more than one exclusive for every day of the last two years!

Moreover, last month I posted my one-thousandth exclusive Patreon post. And, the moment you join us on Patreon, you get instant access! I’m really proud of surpassing 1,000 posts. I’m thrilled when a reader decides to become a Patreon backer, and getting immediate access to such a robust repository of content is the best way I can think of to show that.

What they’re saying

Here’s a few remarks from the Patreon comments section…

“Well now I need this story.”

— H.L., reacting to a commissioned illustration
that teased an Evil Inc After Dark storyline

“Fantastic page, really excited to see where this one goes.”

— R.G., commenting on the first page
of a new Evil Inc After Dark storyline

“An intriguing new story;
can’t wait to see how this one turns out.
Reverse succubus seems like a solid guess;
seems she has some trouble controlling herself
when the time, uh, comes.”

— M.O., reflecting on the new EiAD storyline

“Great googly moogly.”

— S., remarking on a spicy Christmas pin-up
featuring Desi