The boys and I have discovered a new podcast to listen to on our drive to and from school — Timesuck by comedian Dan Cummins.

Every week, Cummins selects a topic and follows it down the rabbit hole — The Mandela Effect, the Jim Jones Massacre, Flat Earth Theory, and so on.

The topics are weird and fascinating (like the inaugural Lizard Illuminati episode), and Dan’s delivery is honed by years of successful stand-up comedy. But here’s what I love about this guy — and why I listen to it with my kids:

He makes it cool to be curious.

In an age that veers dangerously towards anti-intellectualism, it’s pretty awesome to hear a guy who gets giddy over research — and proud to do it well. And when someone offers an opposing viewpoint, he’s downright eager to embrace that angle, devour it, and then decide for himself.

It’s everything I want my two boys to embrace.