EIv9_cover_proofRuby of Ragnoor

I’ve added the latest Evil Inc graphic novel to my online store. This book was Kickstarted this summer, and is now available in both print and digital formats. And, if you prefer to buy it on Amazon, you can do that, too.

And, of course, Patreon backers have discount codes for both print and digital versions.

In this graphic novel — as with all of the Evil Inc graphic novels — the individual panels of the daily comic strip are combined with extra original content and then re-designed into a continuous narrative. Some of the content in the book has not appeared anywhere online. It’s 113 pages of full-color fun.

In the showcase storyline of this book, the secret relationship between Miss Match and Captain Heroic isn’t such a secret anymore. When Miss Match gets ahold of a magic ruby, she wishes that no one will remember her relationship with Cap. And her wish — unfortunately — comes true. Also featured in this book — How Commander Heroic and Ms Amazing first met, Dr. Muskiday becomes Lord of the flies, and Lightning Lady and Elastic Man plan a jewel heist!



There’s lots of great stuff on tap at the Evil Inc Patreon page! More Evil Inc After Dark — a NSFW full-page comic series based in the Evil Inc universe. Plus NSFW commissions, uncensored Courting Disaster, and much more! Plus, this month, Patreon backers are getting discounts on everything from the NSFW Evil Inc After Dark wall calendar to the print and digital editions of the latest Evil Inc graphic novel — Ruby of Ragnoor.

Best of all, you have immediate access to over 200 exclusive NSFW posts. And, using the new content tags, you can quickly filter that content down to just the stuff you want right now. Get your access to this treasure-trove of fun now!

What they’re saying about Patreon

Here’s a brief sampling of some of the comments I’ve been getting from my Patreon backers…

“Jaw dropping!”

— JA

“Damn…. nice!”

— VA

“I am so stoked about becoming a Patreon!”

— JM

“Whoa! Speechless right now, great art!”


“Possible typo — middle panels, is it ploymorph or polymorph?”


Oh well… you can’t win ’em all*… 🙂

Intelligent Life

Intelligent Life is a syndicated comic by my friend Dave Reddick. Besides Intelligent Life, Dave created Trek Life, the official Star Trek comic strip and Legend of Bill — among others. He’s the Digital and Social Media Coordinator for the Jim Davis’ Garfield. He has written and drawn for the Garfield comic strip and he has drawn various art used for Garfield licensing and animation.

And he’s got excellent taste in cosplay, as this edition of Intelligent Life (published Oct. 9) can attest…