Welcome to the NEW Evil Inc! Today’s comic introduces a change in format — as well as a change in story.


Evil Inc is moving from a comic-strip format to a graphic novel. Instead of five strip-sized updates every week, the site will update on Tuesday and Thursday in half-page bursts. These half-pages will assemble into full pages, and they’ll culminate in 20-page stories. Those stories will be collected into print editions.

In strict storytelling terms, there’s actually very little difference. The half-page updates usually work out to be the equivalent of two strips. Once we’re rolling, this will basically be the same as taking Fridays off. In a writing sense, I think you’re going to see a huge improvement once I’m not trying to hit a punchline every fourth panel. I think the reading experience is going to improve greatly.


I’ve taken this opportunity to re-think some plot points in the Evil Inc universe. The story started in 2005, and there are a few lessons I’ve learned along the way that I’d like to put into use since I have a clean-break opportunity. Among the changes:

  • The main focus of the story will be a branch office of the Evil Inc corporation.
  • Miss Match and Captain Heroic are no longer married.
  • Evil Atom has been replaced as CEO by Dr. Whoosh
  • The characters will no longer age in real time.
  • Several new characters are going to be introduced.
  • Oscar and Oliver are now Felix and Rex, and they will exist solely in the Arch Bros comic strip, which will update sporadically.
  • Greystone Inn may see sporadic updates as well
  • All new comics-postings will be announced on the Evil Inc site, my Twitter feed, the Evil Inc Henchpersons Facebook page.

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