What they’re saying

Here’s what backers are saying about the exclusive content I’m posting on Patreon

“Halloween is the best holiday for erotica!
(That, or Arbor Day. Man, back in the 1960‘s,
“Cracked” magazine artist Bill Ward
used to get up to some freaky stuff
with his Arbor Day sketches.)”

— E.G., commenting on the flood of Halloween-themed content this month

“Magnificent work as always…”

— C., commenting on an episode of EiAD

“At first I’m wondering why on Earth
the bull-themed superhero.
I did not get it in the first couple of pages.
Now, I’m laughing because
this is a cuckold story
and the third is a bull!
Well played, sir! Well played.”

— A.

“Brad, congrats on giving us
a complex story full of love and lust,
gentlemen and cads
and plenty of beautiful art.
You know it’s a good story
because it has really seemed to
get people talking about it.”

— M.O., commenting on the other EiAD that posted last week


October is shaping up to be a bust-out month for my 800+ Patreon backers. I’ve already posted 20 exclusives, I’ve got 12 more queued up, and a few more handed off to colorists for finishing. And I’m not done yet! Along with some scorching Evil Inc After Dark pages, October is going to see the return of the Real Housewives of Transylvania! Plus… a bunch of Halloween-themed commissions and Courting Disaster comics! Throw in the usual NSFW sketches and a new batch of NSFW Artist Edition illustrations, and you’ll see why I’m saying that this is an excellent time to join us on Patreon. Here’s just a peek of some of the great stuff I’ve posted in the past few weeks…

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