There’s a lot going on over at the ol’ Patreon page this month. If you remember, Iron Dragon was stuck in the janitor’s closet with the supervillain Size King.

Patreon backers get to see what happens next — the same way they did when Iron Dragon was stuck in an elevator and stuck in the men’s room.

That guy just keeps getting stuck.

Luckily, Iron Dragon’s shoulder angel is there to talk some sense into him. However, his shoulder devil is on the job, as well. And that guy has a track record.

Meanwhile… that’s only one of the two Evil Inc After Dark storylines that alternate through June. Because elsewhere in the Evil Inc After Dark universe, there’s a new superheroine on the scene, the Fearsome Fireworx!

Trust me when I tell you that sparks are gonna fly.

And wait — there’s more!

Last week, I posted two scorching Courting Disaster comics. (One of them is cruelly cropped below.) And this week, I have a couple of screen-melting NSFW commissions queued up for your viewing pleasure.


And for my SFW Stalwarts…

…there’s another upcoming Cape Carnival comic carving up the comic-book cape-and-cowl clique. If you were a fan of Tales from The Con — which I wrote for Emerald City Comicon — you’ll love this weekly comic.

You can see get Cape Carnival — and other great SFW rewards — for a measly buck a month.