About the black-and-white comic… Evil Inc colorist Alex Heberling is experiencing some Internet connectivity problems, and she has been without service for a little while now. This has prevented her from being able to add her usual touch of phenomenalness to today’s comic. Rest assured, once she’s back online, we’ll update today’s comic to its usual dazzlehood. Until then, enjoy the story in its full inktitude.

Meanwhile, on Patreon…

As you may recall, Lightning Lady and a new henchman made the sparks fly in the Evil Inc lobby (see below). Last week, in my NSFW comic, Evil Inc After Darkmy Patreon backers got to see the continuation of that storyline.

Meanwhile, this week, I have a TWO new Courting Disaster Uncensored cartoons scheduled — plus… more NSFW sketches,  and the next full-page Evil Inc After Dark, which continues the tryst between the two lovebirds below.

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Best of the Year

Based on the traffic generated by each, here are the ten most popular Evil Inc comics published in 2016, with #1 being the most popular comic of the year. Click on each of the thumbnails to read the comic.

10 — Lightning Lady and Count Spurlock tangle over PC language

PC language

9 — The first-ever Evil Inc comic — the start of the entire series — in 2005!

8 — Mr. Hypno calls in to complain about his Evil Inc Hypno Glasses. They just don’t work! (Or do they?)

7 — We meet Grim, the accountant. Anything he touches dies. Needless to say, he had an excruciating adolescence.

death and taxes

6 — Crime doesn’t pay. But it has some amazing fringe benefits…

fringe benefits

5 — Captain Heroic’s “little sidekick” does the talking


4 — What’s better? A fat chance or a slim one?

fat chance

3 — The page that kicked off the NEW Evil Inc! At the beginning of the year, I stopped presenting the story as a comic strip, and I started publishing it as an online graphic novel. The storylines and characters also got a major reboot.

2 — Thea gets into a rap battle with an other-dimensional demon.

1 — Captain Heroic and Miss Match share a moment

ruin a moment