’Ringo Awards

Nominations for the Best Webcomic category of the inaugural ’Ringo Awards will end in a few days. It’s open to the public, so make your voice heard!

As I reported on Webcomics.com, after Reed Expo bought the Harvey Awards (without having, it seems, any plans to actually do anything with the property), Baltimore Comic Con announced the launch of the Ringo Awards (honoring Mike Wieringo, a well-known Marvel/DC artist who died in 2007).

So if you love Evil Inc, here’s the link to the ’Ringo Awards.

And if you hate Evil Inc, here’s the link to the Harvey Awards.

Evil Inc After Dark

July is shaping up to be super hot for my Patreon backers. In Evil Inc After Dark, we’ve been … er, bouncing… between a couple storylines. In one, a new heroine named Fireworx is introduced — and starts living up to her name. In the other, we see the other side of the storyline that has been presented on the public-facing Evil Inc comic right here on this website. That one updates today — and is cruelly cropped on the right.

What they’re saying

Here’s what my patrons are saying about their exclusive content…

“OK, that jet drawing?

Pure unfiltered Woo-Hoo! in a bottle.”

— D.C., upon seeing an early posting of today’s Evil Inc

“I hope Tauros knows what he’s getting into.

It’s still early in the story yet but Fireworx

seems like the type of girl who has energy to burn.

He might get more ‘bang’ than he bargained for..”

— M.O.

“This… is pretty hot.”

— M.H.

“I like it, but I do find myself wishing

we had used the door for a split panel,

to see what Tina Tremor and Red Wraith

were doing on the other side while

Iron Dragon was stuck ‘in the closet’.”

— O.S., who will be quite pleased with today’s Evil Inc After Dark update

Artist Editions

My Patreon backers are also getting a front-row seat for some of the Artist Edition illustrations I’m doing for the soon-to-be-released Evil Inc After Dark and Courting Disaster print collections. I’ve got advance copies of these books in my hands, and I’m beyond proud. You’re gonna go bananas when you see these books.

There’s still time to get your pre-order in

More to come

Here’s a glimpse of some of the stuff you may have missed — and what’s coming up!