Miss Match stands outside of a posh restaurant (Bella Mia) with the Ul’Thax ambassador.

Miss Match: OK… If locking up this proposal means coming up to your hotel room, then I don’t have a CHOICE. Go get ready and I’ll be there in an hour.

Ambassador: How do I know this isn’t a trick?

Miss Match (kissing him hear his mouth): How’s this for a… taste… of things to come?

Suddenly the solid hologram projection that was disguising the Ambassador to look like a GQ model fuzzes off — revealing the Ambassador in its grotesque, fish-like form.

Ambassador: Oh my! My neural bracelet never malfunctioned like that before!

Miss Match: Heh… I’ve still GOT it!

Captain Heroic (spying the scene from a nearby alleyway): She’s completely LOST it!