Since I’ve added some new exclusive features particularly at the $1 level — here’s a chart that shows everything you’ll get for backing me on Patreon at different monthly levels. As always, you can change — or even cancel — your pledge at any time after the end of the first month. Here’s a look at everything my Patreon peeps got last month.

Cape Carnival

One of the new features listed in the $1 tier is Cape Carnival. If you liked Tales From the Con, the comic I wrote for Emerald City Comicon, this is my own spin-off — now that TFTC has ended. If you want to see a couple examples, click here and here. And there’s a new Cape Carnival comic scheduled to hit today!


I’m following up March — which had more exclusive posts than any other month except December 2015 — determined to continue to surprise my backers in April. With today’s post, I will have 11 for the month — not bad for the 7th. And over half of them have been NSFW content.

This is a great time to join! New storylines are about to start in Evil Inc After Dark — including some crossovers from the central Evil Inc comic. And I have a few NSFW bonuses in mind, as well.


If you were a Kickstarter backer — and if your reward included an entry in the List of Supporters, then you need to read this Update for some important information.