Patrons at the $10 level (and higher) will be able to access the 250+ NSFW comics I’ve been creating exclusively for Patreon. This includes:

  • Evil Inc After Dark — full-length comics  featuring some of your favorite characters
  • Uncensored Courting Disaster: All of the fun of Courting Disaster with none of the restrictions!
  • NSFW commissions: Patrons get special pricing on commissions. You describe the scene, and I draw it.
  • Sketches, pin-ups, and much, much more!


nsfw comics

My Patreon backers have been privy to a super spicy spectacle of exclusives — from Evil Inc After Dark to some caliente commissions (like the uncensored Courting Disaster cruelly cropped above). Next week, it’s the continuation of this interlude that started in Evil Inc

PLUS… bonus cartoons, merchandise discounts, exclusive offers, and… the inside scoop on a number of projects that are in the works for 2017. Here’s a little taste.