It looks like Tess is maxed out — in more ways than one.

maxed out

Patreon update

The first of two full-page Evil Inc After Dark pages is now available to my Patreon backers. Evil Inc After Dark is my NSFW comic series available only through Patreon. In the first page, (cruelly cropped above) a new arc in the Space Pirate storyline is being launched. The lusty, busty wench is sharing her sultry story to a barmaid with a few secret of her own. Later this week, we’ll rejoin the sidekicks in their quest to end their “thwartless” streak by facing Fantasia, a supervillainess who can turn your own deepest fantasies against you. See below for a glimpse of the previous installment.


My interview with ComicsVerse

My deepest thanks to the delightful Kristine Don, of ComicsVerse, for interviewing me during Wizard World Philly last month. The whole thing has been posted on their site — which is really cool, by the way. You can also play it right here.

ComicsVerse is going way deeper into the comics industry than the usual issue reviews and press-release blogging. Take for example, a piece that Ms Don, along with two other ComicsVerse staffers wrote about Asian representation in western media — including what they’re sick of seeing, how it could improve, and why representation is so important to them. With the roles of several Asian characters being played by caucasians, it’s a compelling topic in comics culture. Their discussion is an intelligent, engaging dissection of the topic from several angles.

You’re going to want to bookmark ComicsVerse — and follow them on Twitter/Facebook. They’re doing comics journalism right.

Tokyo Adrift (part four)

More stories and photos from my family’s trip to Japan last year. (You can read the previous installments here — Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.)

2015-07-14 11.09.32

The highlight of our time in Kyoto was a trip to the Manga Museum — three floors of books, original art, demonstrations, and much more. We spent hours there. One of the most unique exhibits were plaster molds made of notable artists’ hands holding their chosen drawing instruments.


One thing I learned was that beer is an integral part of Japanese life. You can buy it in vending machines on the streets. It flows freely in the bars at night. Heck, at our favorite “sushi train” restaurant, they had a coin-operated machine that drew a perfect draft.

I drank more beer during our two weeks in Japan than I had in the previous three months combined. Heck, even now, I don’t drink much beer. I’m much more likely to reach for a merlot or a single-malt scotch (Laphroaig, in particular). But in Japan, I craved beer. And, by this point of the trip, I had acquired a particular fondness for Asahi beer.

2015-07-14 20.32.12

It’s perfect for washing down tentacle-y stuff. I was developing a taste for that stuff, too.

Comic-Con International

I will not be in San Diego for Comic-Con this year, which makes me feel a bit like this…



I don’t miss the show — or the three weeks it cost my productivity — but I do miss seeing all of my friends and colleagues there. My friends at Looking For Group posted this handy guide to the webcomics section of the show floor.


Be sure to say hi to a newly beardless Dave Kellett (booth 1228) while you’re there. He’ll have a metric ton of show exclusives for you — and for his Patreon backers who won’t be able to get to San Diego.