As you can tell, the NEW Evil Inc comic hits the reset button on a few concepts from the original Evil Inc comic strip. For example, Lightning Lady has returned to her role as receptionist / executive assistant.

On the other hand, some new features are stepping to the forefront. For example, you’ll see a lot more references to Evil Inc After Dark, the adults-only feature I’m producing exclusively for my Patreon backers. Today, we get a little introduction to Mr. Hypno, who had a rather devious plan to use a pair of Evil Inc hypnotizing specs.

The graphic novel

Tuesday’s update and Thursday’s update combine to create a graphic-novel-style page. Like so:


And each “episode” will be comprised of 20-page stories — most of which will have a main story and a secondary plot. At the current schedule, that will mean I’ll be able to produce two 20-page comics a year. I haven’t decided whether I’ll print these as actual floppies or simply collect and release them as graphic novels. I have a huge backlog of Evil Inc comic strips to collect into books, though, so I have a little time to figure it out.

From five strips a week to four

As the weeks go on, I think you’ll start to see what I’m trying to do with the storytelling in this comic. Although Tuesday’s update was a bit of a scene-setter, most of the updates will unfold more like today’s update — with a somewhat longer passage punctuated by one or more punchlines. Once it’s off the ground, it’s going to feel more like reading four strips that are released twice a week than the former schedule of five strips released five times a week.

I’m really excited to see if I can make this work, and I’m always interested in your thoughts. Feel free to drop me a line, catch me on Twitter, or make a comment on one of the posts on the Evil Inc Henchpersons Facebook page. If you’re a Patreon subscriber, feel free to join the conversation with other backers (or start a new one). You can comment under the comic previews that are posted there, or you can start your own post.

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