No offense taken…

…at that horrible pun, I hope…

no offense Commission slumber party_small

Patreon update

This week my Patreon backers are getting previews to both Evil Inc comics posted here, plus two commissions (one of which is highlighted here) and another full-page in my NSFW comic series, Evil Inc After Dark. In the latest installment, we rejoin our hapless group of sidekicks who are trying to end a rather frustrating streak of “thwartless” nights.

The commission above features a sexy supervillainess slumber party. The second commission is one I can’t thumbnail here, but I can tell you it features a take-off of that worldwide subversive organization that has everything going to hail in a handbasket. Patreon backers get special pricing on commissions — including a discount when they allow me to share the final piece.

Here’s a little detail of the slumber party.

no offense Commission slumber party_small detail

This week on…

Webcomics-dot-com_white-WAs you probably know, I run a subscription Web site for cartoonists ($30/year, $5/month). Here’s a question from the mailbag that made for an interesting topic:

Q. I have a webcomic that gets around 1500 pageviews a day. I’d thought of that as a small number, but I work in an online marketing company, and my boss and co-workers were telling me that I should be thinking of monetization. I’m not sure if I want to be focusing on that yet (I’ve been reading a lot of the articles here on writing and sitcom structure, and improving the actual comic is my short-term goal), but I’m wondering if this is something I should be thinking about in the medium term.

My Stats

  • I update twice a week, and the comic’s been running for over a year, with 82 pages currently (there was a period of one page a week while we worked on a big animation update)
  • I get 7-8k pageviews a week, with 1500+ on update days (lousy Sundays…). Per Google Analytics, I’m getting ~1400 users per week, fairly consistently over the last month. ~85% of them are repeat users.
  • I’m making $45/mo off of 12 patrons on Patreon.
  • I have a webcomics review tumblr blog with 760 followers, which I use to drive traffic to the comic
  • My Facebook page also has 720 likes. However, unlike the Tumblr blog which built a following over several years, I advertised the Facebook page a lot.
  • On the advice of my marketing coach, I’ve added Amazon Affiliate Links. I have no idea if they’ll amount to anything.

My gut feeling is that I’m way too small still to be thinking of “the moitch”, but I’m curious what your experiences are. At what point should I start looking into the logistics of selling T-shirts? 5000 pageviews? 50k? Will I just kind of “know”?

A: So, here’s the thing. Take those pageview stats and Facebook Likes and throw them out the window.

And if you paid for Facebook advertising, you need to read this.

No offense, but there’s no such thing as a Magic Number that you attain in readership that spells out the perfect time to monetize.

But I do have a “Magic” Formula for you…