Iron Dragon: Your mother was human — did this happen to her?!

Desdemona: Way ahead of you. <Dials phone>

<Scene change: The office of Desi’s father, a mid-ranking devil in Hades’ bureaucracy>

Desi <over phone>: Dad, when she was pregnant with me, did mom turn into a demon?

Devil: No, Pookums, she took care of that immediately after the honeymoon.

…It was when she was carrying you that she turned into a screaming Hell beast.

She then settled into “Fetid Nethercreature”…

…which she remained until our divorce…

…or, as I call it, “The Baying-Spawn-of-Pure-Misery Years.”

Desi: So my physical transformation is hereditary?

Devil: Who said anything about a physical transformation?