Spinnerette — NSFW bonus!

This month, my Patreon backers are getting a special bonus reward — a 12-page Spinnerette story! Believe me when I tell you it’s gonna be fun…

Spinnerette, like Evil Inc, is a superhero-themed comic that has a NSFW counterpart powered by Patreon. The public-facing webcomic is free to read anytime, and it’s a fantastic story about a spider-powered superheroine. I’m a big fan. With allies like SuperMILF and villains like Greta Gravity (right), how can you go wrong?

Spinnerette gains her spideriffic super powers as the result of a laboratory accident that leaves her with four additional arms. She discovers that she has the proportional strength and agility of a spider. Sometimes, her arms act on their own when she is inattentive or lets her mind wander (especially “Bottom Lefty“, which is particularly frisky around fellow superheroine Mecha Maid).

The comic itself is fantastic, but the NSFW offshoot is where this creative team truly sparkles, in my opinion. My Patreon backers are currently experiencing that right now with a special 12-page NSFW Spinnerette story that kicks off with a toe-curling confrontation between Spinnerette and the evil Lot Lizard (cruelly cropped above) and culminates in a clandestine cuddle competition between our hero and Mecha Maid.

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If you want to see more Spinerette (much more), here’s their Patreon portal.

About Spinnerette

Heather Brown, also known as the superheroine Spinnerette, is an introverted young woman. Socially awkward and a bit of a geek, Heather is a comic book fan and a closet D&D player. After a laboratory accident at her college workplace, she is gifted with abilities similar to those of a spider, a la Peter Parker / Spider-Man. One of Heather’s running gags is that her “spider-sense” reveals only the obvious.