So… where ya from?…

After a larger-than-normal influx of Patreon patrons last month, I launched a poll to find out where people had found out about my Patreon page. I thought that, perhaps, my Kickstarter had generated some extra interest… or one of the interviews I had participated in.

Nope. It turns out you folks are coming from… right here.

So it seems my provocative promotional prose procured a plethora of patrons! It’s that or my alliteration.


There’s lots of great stuff on tap at the Evil Inc Patreon page! More Evil Inc After Dark — a NSFW full-page comic series based in the Evil Inc universe. Plus NSFW commissions, Courting Disaster, and much more! Cruelly cropped above is recent Courting Disaster.

Oh… and for my $1+ backers, I’ve been posting a NEW weekly feature called Cape Carnival. If you liked Tales from the Con, you’ll get a kick out of Cape Carnival.  Here’s one of my favorites…

The moment you make your pledge, you have access to more than 700 exclusive posts — including 300+ NSFW posts. That includes comics, cartoons, sketches, stories and bonuses from other popular Patreon creators! Since January of last year, my rate has been about one update a day, on average. See for yourself. Here’s a roundup of how previous months in 2016 broke down: January… February… MarchApril… June… JulyAugustSeptOctNovDec… and in 2017JanuaryFebruary and March

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What they’re saying

I posted a bonus reward for my $10+ patrons — a supernatural erotic romp by KB Spangler, and the response was brisk.

“This was an awesome read!”

— R.G.

“Fun and sexy! ”

— R.G.

The Evil Inc After Dark storyline that elaborated on the date between Marquis the Henchman and Lightning Lady ended with a gang of alternate-universe Lightning Ladies (and -Men) joining the party.

“I assume the Lightning powers is like an aphrodisiac in the multiverse…”

— T.

“Takes sex with yourself to a whole new level”

— M. H.

“Looks like a Alt-Lightning Lady/Lad orgy is about to commence… and doesn’t that have some interesting permutational possibilities?”

— R. G.