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Meanwhile, Patreon has been sending me some end-of-the-year stats. And this one has me absolutely gobsmacked. You guys are tremendous!

The Gigglepocalypse

Earlier this week, Evil Inc colorist Alex Heberling texted me the following

“I was listening to some classic

Webcomics Weekly and noticed the date on

Laugh Track was 2/9/2011.

The Gigglepocalypse just had

an anniversary!”

Gigglepocalypse happened SIX YEARS ago last Thurs. This was an episode of Webcomics Weekly that featured a moment so damned funny that for weeks after, listeners wrote in to tell us the trouble the got into while listening to it at work. One fan reported laughing so hard he drove his car into a ditch. If you’ve never heard it, skip to the 6-min mark and buckle in.

Webcomics Weekly was a podcast that I did, along with Scott Kurtz, Dave Kellett and Kris Straub. We launched the podcast right around the same time we were working on the “How To Make Webcomics” book. It’s archive lives on in a free section of