Cruelly cropped above is a panel from the brand-spankin’ new Evil Inc After Dark storyline that kicked off this week. This has been shaping up to be a fantastic month on Patreon. So far, in April, I’ve posted more than one exclusive Patreon post for every day of the month. This includes…

My April Fool’s joke…  “Greystone Inn After Dark”…

A spicy desktop wallpaper/mobile background package featuring a Courting Disaster cartoon I’m proud of…


Some new Courting Disaster comics (like the one previewed on the right.

New full-page Evil Inc comics.

NSFW sketches.

Ghostly erotica from KB Spangler’s Patreon page.

New Cape Carnival cartoons.

A 50%-off coupon for “Like A Mask Removed, Vol 2.” Patreon backers already got “LAMR Vol. 1” for free from Circlet Press. Volume Two features five smutty super-villain stories that Evil Inc readers are sure to savor.

Previews of Evil Inc comics.

The conclusion of this Evil Inc After Dark storyline that branched off from Lightning Lady’s date with a henchman that started here.

Plus… the minute you pledge, you get access to over 700 exclusive posts — 300+ of which as NSFW. And that includes…

Capt. Scarr’s space-pirate crew….

Courting Disaster…

And NSFW commissioned illustrations!


It’s a great time to join us and get instant access to over 300 NSFW comics, illustrations and more.

Cape Carnival

If you’re not interested in the NSFW work, I’ve added something this month that you might enjoy! These cartoons will be available for all of my backers ($1/month and higher).

With Tales From The Con coming to its end, I find that I have a lot of ideas that I would have typically funneled into that project. For a good indication of what I’m talking about, you can read the TFTC archive at the Emerald City Comicon* Web site. The only difference is that while I only wrote those, I will be writing and drawing this new series.

These cartoons skewer mainstream superhero comics and tropes. I’ll be posting one every week for the next several weeks to see if there’s any interest.

This will be like everything else I’ve done through Patreon. If it has solid support, I’ll continue it. If not, I’ll move on to something that earns more fan support.

If you’ve ever considered joining my Patreon for as little as $1 a month — and join a cadre of well over 700 fans of Evil Inc — then you now have an added incentive.

As always, you’re free to cancel any time after the first pledge is processed at the beginning of next month.

Webcomics Confidential

In Episode 7 of Webcomics Confidential, I make a startling realization — webcartoonists (some of us) are going through the Five Stages of Grief with the decreased role comic conventions play in our lives. And a big part of that is because so many of us relied on cons for affirmation… has the full video — and all of the previous episodes of Webcomics Confidential.