So far, in February, I’ve posted one exclusive Patreon post for every day of the month. This includes…

  • Sketches of upcoming NSFW art
  • NSFW Courting Disaster cartoons
  • Advance looks at Evil Inc (including exclusive full-page views)
  • New, full-page episodes of NSFW Evil Inc After Dark

And there’s a truckload more to come. This week, Evil Inc goes back to the outer reachers of the galaxy to check in on Capt. Scarr’s space-pirate crew. Has our lusty, busty wench found her secret admirer?

Plus, I’ve got a NSFW Courting Disaster you’re gonna love. These scenes have gotten some great response — like the ones cruelly cropped below. I’m really excited to share the next one with you!

It’s a great time to join us and get instant access to almost 270 NSFW comics, illustrations and more.

Plus — Something new for my $1+ backers

If you’re not interested in the NSFW work, I’m adding something this month that you might enjoy! These cartoons will be available for all of my backers ($1/month and higher).

With Tales From The Con coming to its end, I find that I have a lot of ideas that I would have typically funneled into that project. For a good indication of what I’m talking about, you can read the TFTC archive at the Emerald City Comicon* Web site. The only difference is that while I only wrote those, I will be writing and drawing this new series.

These cartoons skewer mainstream superhero comics and tropes. I’ll be posting one every week for the next several weeks to see if there’s any interest.

This will be like everything else I’ve done through Patreon. If it has solid support, I’ll continue it. If not, I’ll move on to something that earns more fan support.

If you’ve ever considered joining my Patreon for as little as $1 a month — and join a cadre of well over 700 fans of Evil Inc — then you now have an added incentive.

As always, you’re free to cancel any time after the first pledge is processed at the beginning of next month.

*Emerald City Comicon

Click the maps to see them bigger.

Speaking of which… Emerald City Comicon in saucy Seattle is just around the corner. It starts at the end of next week, for cryin’ out loud! I’ll be there — in Artist Alley, table R5. And you should be, too. And here’s why. I’m going to have a ton of Evil Inc books there — at all-time low prices. If you’ve ever thought about picking up an Evil Inc graphic novel, you’ll never have a better chance.

I will not be bringing original art unless you contact me and purchase it in advance. Aside from advance purchases, all original art is reserved for Patreon backers at the $20 level.

To find me, go aaaaallllll the way up to the sixth level, where Artist Alley is located. I’ll be in the R row, right in the middle, between Jeffrey Veregge and Jeremy Haun.

Whooooaaaa baby, has it ever been an incredible month at — my tutorial and advice site for independent cartoonists!

Along with some solid strategy on using social media more effectively to promote your work, I’ve been posting personal consultations of members’ comics, a tutorial on effective Kickstarter planning, and some helpful tips on writing humor.

But it’s Monday’s post that has been generating the most discussion: The NEW Webcomics Business Model.

Webcomics — in general — have survived since the early 2000s on ad revenue. We offered our comics “for free” to readers, and we earned money on the ad revenue that their reading habits generated.

But three or four years ago, we reached a tipping point with ad blockers, as this chart from PageFair can attest. The green line represents desktop users, and the red line is for mobile devices. By 2016, ad blockers had been installed on 236 million desktops and 380 million mobile devices.

…and that was the end of what some of us called the “Webcomics Business Model.”

That means — if independent comics are to survive, we need to forge a new approach. I’ve been writing about this topic on for several years now. Monday’s post — The NEW Webcomics Business Model — is the most comprehensive strategy I’ve offered yet, and is the culmination of the past could years of personal experimenting, research and experience.

You can subscribe for a month or get big savings with a 12-month subscription. If you’re doing comics on the Web, I think it’s the best money you’ll spend all year.

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How to Support a Comic Without Spending a Cent

Let’s face it, in the post-ad-blocker age, I’m thrilled when my readers sign up to back me on Patreonat any level. But you don’t have to reach for your wallet if you want to do something nice for Your Favorite Webcartoonist. See, we independent creators live and die on social media. We use it to promote our work to new people — and it’s incredibly powerful at doing that.

But it’s powered by you.

Every Like, Share, Comment, and Retweet from you tells the engines inside Twitter and Facebook that this message is worth sending to a wider range of people. And that means (potentially) new readers…. and new social-media followers, and new book sales, and new patrons.

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Your engagement on social media is powerful.

And you know what comes with great power…