In case you missed the Kickstarter update for my three new NSFW collections, the books are on their way from the printer! They’re scheduled to arrive on August 15th. After I get them safely stored in my warehouse space, I will begin shipping. To help alleviate the wait for backers who ordered Artist Editions, I’m drawing as many of those as I can in advance on bookplate that will be glued to the insides of the AE books.

Patreon backers have been getting advance looks at some of them — both the SFW and NSFW illustrations. In fact, you can see an Artist Edition illo of Desi above!

It’s too late to get an Artist Edition, but if you want to place your preorder for Evil Inc After Dark, Courting Disaster Uncensored and/or the NSFW Commission comicbook, you can do so below.
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Meanwhile… on Patreon…

There’s so much stuff going on over at the Patreon page this month. The 17th Evil Inc After Dark storyline is just about to go from hot to scorching. And there are two more crossovers between After Dark and the current Evil Inc storyline queued up for July.

Throw in a few screen-melting NSFW commissions, a couple Courting Disasters, some daring Artist Edition illos and NSFW sketches, and you’ll know why I’m so excited about this summer.


Plus… SFW illos, Evil Inc previews, and more Cape Carnival cartoons for all of my backers at $1 or more.