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My Patreon backers have been privy to a super spicy spectacle of exclusives — from Evil Inc After Dark to some caliente commissions (like the uncensored Courting Disaster cruelly cropped above). This week, it’s the continuation of this interlude that started in Evil Inc


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 My Philly Walk

So, my New Year’s resolution was to start every day with a 30-minute walk — which I did all last week. Here’s some photos from yesterday’s walk: The Blumenthal Bros Chocolate factory (est. 1911). Birthplace of Goobers (1925), Raisinets (1926), and Snocaps (1984). They also innovated the idea of movie candy — chocolates packed specifically for movie theaters.

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What I’m watching

The show-runner for Netflix’s new breakout comedy — “One Day At A Time,” has some deep webcomics roots. Gloria Calderon-Kellett is married to our own Dave Kellett — co-author of “How To Make Webcomics” and co-creator of the landmark “Stripped” comics documentary. So it’s kind of cool to watch for little Easter eggs like this one, passed along by webcartoonist Chris Hallbeck (Maximumble)…

…but I think Dylan Meconis (Bite Me!, Family Man, PvP) summed it up best in her Twitter feed:

Of course, Gloria’s writing is pitch-perfect. It’s got laugh-out-loud moments a-plenty. The acting is marvelous. And Rita Moreno is a national treasure. But it’s this un-romanticized look at a genuine American family that’s going to win you over. If you haven’t binged this one yet, you’re gonna thank me for the recommendation. It’s a beaut.