The Complete Tales from the Con’ is a hit!

One of the distinct joys of exhibiting at the 15th annual Emerald City Comicon was signing the very first copies of The Complete Tales From The Con (AmazonImage Comics | Diamond Code JAN170796)! This bad boy hit the shelves a few days prior to the convention. ECCC arranged to have exclusive variant-cover copies of the book available for sale at the show!

What they’re saying

We’ve already gotten some very friendly reviews!

From Outright Geekery:

“The art is really true to the original characters, the colors pop and you can tell a vast amount of effort went into it. It really is fanboy made, and one has to appreciate this. …A must for all con-goers!”

From Comic Crusaders:

“While there is plenty of material about fans, there is a viewpoint from the other side of the creator table that is refreshing for me as a fan. Everything from collectibles, cosplay, commissions, food, and fans get attention, as well as material specifically about the heroes and villains we love taking part in observational comedy. I love conventions large and small, so seeing the ridiculous truths put on page is a very fun read. …and at under ten bucks I personally think it’s a bargain.”

We made Heather’s Staff Pick over at Rouges Portal:

“Most of the panels played straight into my love for meta, while some were just a little too real. Like, we all know the fanboy dripping water all over original artwork at a booth is totally not cool. The collection offers quips about cosplay and insight about comments being made on the other side of the table. Creators, we know sometimes you hate us fanboys and fangirls – but we thank you for what you do anyhow.”

Heather… I talked to the others. Nobody hates you. We all think you’re swell.

About ‘TFTC’

Four-and-a-half years ago, I began writing TFTC, a weekly comic for the Emerald City Comicon website. As I mentioned on, it was an idea that I wanted to put into action for a long time. And ECCC’s Jim Demonakos was giving me the opportunity to do so — in a big way. I started writing the weekly strips which were originally drawn by Chris Giarusso (and later Scoot McMahon) in December of 2011. Tales from the Con focused on the weird, funny, odd stuff that happens at comic conventions — with a healthy dollop of general comics-culture humor.

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We’ve been having an incredible month over at Patreon! Join us! Along with all of the usual NSFW fun, I’ve started posting a special series of comics similar to the now-ended Tales From The Con series. Best of all, this series is available to everyone pledging as little as $1/month! Thumbnails below.