Bonus reward for Patreon backers!

I like to offer my $10+ backers a little something extra for their support whenever possible. This month, I’m excited to partner with Bokuman Studio for this bonus reward! My Patreon backers will receive an 11-page comic featuring some truly bodacious art!

Along with Bokuman’s Patreon offerings, you can find a wide variety of their stuff on Gumroad, DeviantArt, Tumblr, Instagram and elsewhere.

All characters are 18 or older. Always.

What they’re saying…

Patreon backers ($1+) got an early look at today’s comic, and it generated a wide response.

“…genuflects before
the master of alliterative puns…”

— R.M.

“The jokes (never) write themselves!
But you do a great job with them!”

— M.C.

Meanwhile, members who enjoyed the newest development in Evil Inc After Dark #17 had this to say…

“Not going to lie; excited to see go this turns out
but part of me hopes Fireworx turns the tables
on Tauros and gives him a run for his money. ”

— M.O.

“I don’t like his attitude,
and I’d like to see him get a
much-needed comeuppance.”

— P.A.

“EiAD is some of the cleverest erotica
l’ve gotten to have the pleasure of reading.
…I’ve yet to read a bad EIAD storyline and
I’m sure this one will leave us all satisfied”

— M.O.

The Courting Disaster cartoons have been generating a great response, as well! The most recent one featured one of my favorite tropes — the sexy Librarian. This scintillating scene of a secret sex session spurred several salutations:

“Damn… LOVE IT”

— R.G.

…but the comment that won the Internet that day…

“They’re in the 612s again…”

— D.H.

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