Steve Troop, webcomics veteran and professional puppeteer, is proud to announce a new weekly feature scheduled to appear every Friday on Kevin Smith’s new Web site, Quick Stop Entertainment.

Smith, best known for hits such as “Chasing Amy,” “Dogma,” and “Clerks”, launched the site Monday. It features an impressive line-up which includes Terry Gilliam (“Monty Python’s Flying Circus”), Paul Dini (“Tiny Toons”) and Blank Label Comics founding member Steve Troop.

Troop’s Melonpool puppets will have a new 3-5 minute “quickcast” available every Friday at the new site — an updated version of the “Movie Poop Shoot” site made famous in Smith’s “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” The new site will feature interviews, entertainment gossip, and other original content.

The first installment is available this Friday, June 23. For a sneak peek, point your browser to this sample video.

Chad Diez of Today The Comic ( ) edited the first installment. A new Melonpool theme song was created for the podcast by Erik Przytulski of Pretzyl Music ( In addition to Troop, who performs the title character and Przytulski who performs Ralph Zinobop, Roger Przytulski will continue to perform Sam T. Dogg and Chris Gleason will continue to perform Sammy the Hammy – roles they all created for a small student film in 1994.

The puppets were the inspiration for Troop’s seminal webcomic classic, “Melonpool,â€? ( ) which centers around the misadventures of several aliens stranded on earth. It has been on the Web since 1996. The puppets have made regular appearances at comic conventions for almost as long. Troop plans to tape more footage for his new feature at Comic Con International in San Diego this July.