Jerome Maida is making quite a name for himself at the Philadelphia Daily News covering the comic-book industry. Here’s one of his most recent. He’s definitely one to watch.

[PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS:] “You have grown much since I last saw you, little Robin,” says longtime-villain-turned-apparent-hero Lady Shiva to longtime-Batman-sidekick-turned-more-than-capable- solo-hero Robin in a recent issue of “Robin.”

Indeed, she’s right.

For the last few years the Boy Wonder’s solo series had been so boring – bordering on bad – that I wouldn’t have shed a tear over its cancellation. And I hate it when series fail.

DC’s “One Year Later” event has helped give the character a new status quo, and novelist Adam Beechen (“What I Did On My Hypergalactic Interstellar Summer Vacation”) injected the book with new juice with his first issue, “Robin” No. 148. Read more.