Ads creep into comic frames

I gotta be honest with you guys. I haven’t quite figured out how I feel about this.

OK, actually, I have. If GM offered the right amount of money, Evil Atom would drive a Pontiac. Often. 🙂

[Detroit Free Press] A young, handsome New York City firefighter had it all, including a loving fiancée whose daughter from a previous relationship adored him and his Pontiac Solstice GXP.

Then, tragedy struck and he lost his job and the two people he cared most about to a deadly fire – but he still had his car. So, he became an action hero and tricked out his Solstice with shotguns and other gadgets to save the lives of others.

If this sounds like a story ripped from the comics, it is. However, Time Warner’s DC Comics created this series as a paid product placement for General Motors Corp.’s Pontiac brand. DC, which will launch the six-issue series called Rush City in stores July 19, has already posted it to its Web site, Read more.