Marvel vs. DC
There was a great piece in Saturday’s Washington Post about the old “Marvel vs. DC” debate.

There’s nothing much new there, but the writer, Hank Stuever, uses some absolutely fantastic imagrey. My personal favorite was “DC was about younger kids in back yards, wearing bath towel capes, leaping from treehouses. Marvel was about older kids in basements, possibly stoned, deconstructing Thor.”

[Washington Post] Of the great brand-loyalty debates — Ford or Chevy? John or Paul? Road Runner or Coyote? Newport or Marlboro? Orthodox or Reform? — only a very few people still sort themselves along one of the narrowest consumer dichotomies of all:

Marvel or DC?

Back when it mattered, you used to be certain. You would ally yourself and endlessly argue the merits in comic-book stores or at a convention at the airport Ramada. DC Comics, led by Superman, was for people who adored the fantasy, the Ubermensch triumphant. These readers loved skyscrapers and archvillains and sidekicks, billowing flags, unerring ethical strength. Read more.

Dare I ask? Marvel or DC? I started as an absolute Marvel zombie when I first delved into comics in the 80s. When I returned to comics a few years ago as a thirty-something prodigal geek, I was stunned to realize DC titles outnumbering Marvel titles on my reserve list by a long margin.