The Wayans Brothers rip off Warner Brothers!
I just caught a movie trailer that made me really sad about the state of creativity in America today. Shawn and Marlon Wayans have made a movie in which a 3-foot adult poses as a baby to advance his crime career. He arranges to have himself left on some stranger’s doorstep — in a basket — so he can lay low while the cops search for him and his stolen loot. The unsuspecting strangers welcome the abandoned baby into their home, setting the scene for countless madcap antics.

Midway through the trailer, I started to feel a little deja vu coming on… then, as the “baby” smoked a thick stogie while shaving his 5-o’clock shadow in the bathroom, it hit me. I’ve already seen this! It was originally an animated Bugs Bunny short called Baby Buggy Bunny. The trailer makes it look as if the movie is a scene-by-scene reshoot — with a little sex and violence thrown in to put butts in seats.