I’m Just DrinkingPhil Kahn, writer of webcomics criticism blog I’m Just Saying and editor of webcomics collective Biscuit Press has been working on a top secret webcomics project for a little while now called “I’m Just Drinking.” It’s a pretty oddball concept. It’s what you get when a momma wiki and a daddy bartending guide have a child raised by webcomics. A wiki database of webcomics themed drinks, shooter and cocktails galore.

Phil’s a good guy and this is a really neat idea. If I understand correctly, there will be a book in the works.

Check it out, there’s drinks for Courting Disaster and Greystone Inn.

But, alas, there’s nothing for Evil Inc. Someone’s gonna have to fix that! If you have a good drink recipe that fits the strip, don’t hesitate to submit it!