Bring Back Melanie!Melanie Martinez, a favorite in the Guigar household, has been fired by PBS for some videos she appreaded in seven years ago. Melanie is the nighttime host for PBS KIDS Sprout, a cable channel that plays kids shows. My son is enamored with her and, well, I think she’s cute as a darned button. Her delivery is engaging — she’s impossible not to watch. I look forward to her segments when my son is watching his before-bedtime-kids-show.

Martinez was fired when PBS learned of a couple 30-second videos — this one and this one — that she did for, a safe-sex-spoof-site, several years earlier.

According for her Wikipedia entry, the poor girl has even been removed from her alma mater’s list of distinguished alumni.

This is very sad news indeed. I understand that PBS has every right to protect their property, but I have such a hard time believing that these seven-year-old, 30-second spoofs seriously damage her ability to host a kids show. I think it was a bad move — and I’m not alone.

If you, too are the parent of a Sprout fan (and if you feel the same), tell them how disgusted you are. E-mail and tell them BRING BACK MELANIE!