Wizard World Philadelphia 2006 Report, Part TwoAnother highlight of Wizard World Philadelphia was meeting Eric Maruscak. Eric is a sidewalk-chalk artist — among other talents — and showed John Herbert (who was exhibiting next door) and me some of his work. He is truly a tremendously gifted artist. I really hope that Wizard snags this guy and flies him to their conventions to do sidewalk art. It would add such a cool touch of panache — safely and affordably — to the convention experience.

Here are some images from a Street-Painting Festival that Eric participated in after WWPhilly. He recreated a dynamic Hulk illustration. By the time he’s done, it looks as if Big Green is actually busting out through the asphalt.

Outline detail

End of Day Two

Progress Detail

Final Image Detail

Size Perspective

Eric also knows where to get 5,000 business cards at an excellent price. Good tip, Eric.

Thanks again to all the nice people who showed up to say hi and talk comics. And big thanks to all the pople, like Firebird Dave, who keep coming out year after year. It’s getting to be less like a comic convention and more like a reunion!