Site FeaturesIt’s been a little while since I mentioned some of this stuff, so here’s a quick run-down of some of the features of the Evil Inc. site.

Free e-mail subscription: Just send an e-mail to to get added to the mailing list. You get each day’s comic mailed directly to your inbox.

Free e-mail newsletter: Just send an e-mail to to get added to the mailing list. You get the scoop on all of my comic projects and some insider information about the Evil Inc plot.

Sponsorship: For $20, you can place your ad on a button that will appear on all of the Evil Inc comic pages for an entire month. Go here for details.

One-dollar desktop wallpaper: The hot VILF logo is the current wallpaper being offered for a buck. If I don’t have your screen resolution, e-mail me and I’ll do one especially for you. Click the donation button above.

RSS Feed (blog): Stay updated on the latest from the blog with the RSS feed.

RSS feed (comic):The strip itself also has an RSS feed.

Forum: If you haven’t checked out the Evil Inc forum yet, you’re missing out on some fantastic topics.

Other comics: Check out my weekly sex comic, Courting Disaster, and my bi-weekly longform comic about Philadelphia, Phables.

Books: You can get collections of all my work in book form.The best seller is the graphic novel based on Evil Inc. Even if you read the strip daily, it’s a whole new experience.