Super-Hero NewspaperThis sounds really cool. I’m going to have to look for a copy.

[SILVER BULLET COMICS] For those who ever wondered what a major metropolitan newspaper would be like if superheroes were the world, the answer is The Hero Street Press.

Authentic right down to the Associated Press style guides and printed in the traditional broadsheet size (13″ x 22″), the only indications that The Hero Street Press is anything other than a traditional newspaper are the fantastic stories.

“I want to cultivate a suspension of disbelief. A newspaper provides a perception-enhancing slice of world events,” Eric Miller, publisher, said. “The Hero Street Press does the same thing, except it’s a view of the type of world people fantasize about.”

The newspaper is fully interactive. The Opinions section has space for letters to the editor, where readers can complain or compliment the activity or superheroes or any other topic that strikes their interest. The Features section has a gossip columnist who digs up superhero dirt and an advice columnist who offers help for people struggling with super-issues in their personal and/or professional lives.

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Maybe Evil Inc needs to take out an ad… 🙂