VILF: It’s a Go!

We’ve reached our goal!

I’ll be placing the order next week, so I’ll still take preorders over the weekend.

Thanks to everybody who made this happen!

In other news… Kern posted the following in the forums:

Just a thought, but…*if* this is going to be a limited edition run, and there’s going to only be 35 made… What are your thoughts on maybe signing the shirt for us forum members that have ordered one? Or perhaps a lil’ ‘certificate of authentisity’ numbered in the order of ordering?

Well, I can’t say that this will be a limited-edition run. If funds allow, I may try to sell these at conventions next year. However, if you want me to sign your T-shirt, just drop me an e-mail or post here using Blogger. Please don’t use the Shoutbox for this, because I’ll never be able to keep track of it that way.

And, I will definitely print a numbered Certificate of Authenticity in the order the preorders were received.